Miami Beach Luxury Waterfront Homes For Sale

Looking for luxury water front homes in Miami Beach area? You may click anywhere on the map to see some of Miami's finest waterfront luxury homes, including villas, estates and single family houses on the water for sale.

Miami Beach Waterfront Homes For Sale

In addition to the above, we offer two more maps of North Miami homes for sale as well as South Miami homes for sale.

In addition to the above, we offer two more maps of North Miami homes for sale as well as South Miami homes for sale.

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Pudge Rodriguez Home on Pinetree Drive Sells for $19 Million

Ivan Rodriguez Torres, who often goes by the name of Pudge, played for the Texas Rangers, the Florida Marlins, Detroit Tigers, Washington Nationals, Houston Astros, and the New York Yankees in his career. The catcher received the American League MVP award in 1999, and many baseball lovers believe him to be one of the best

Treasure Island Offers a Treasure Trove of Homes

You wonít have to worry about pirates if you decide to live in this beautiful community of Florida. It is a friendly place to call home, and a wonderful place to raise your family. There are many single family homes in the region, and it could be just the place you have been looking for.

Miami Beach Homes Are Always a Good Buy

For years now, one of the most popular places to live and best places to buy has been in Miami Beach, Florida. While the real estate market has corrected itself a bit, Miami Beach homes on the water remains a hot commodity which only goes up in value year after year. There are many other

Properties in Biscayne Point Sell Quickly

Located in North Beach in Miami Beach, FL, Biscayne Point has a number of properties that could be an ideal solution for those who are looking to move to the area. There are a number of different types of properties available in the area including condos and single family homes. When you are choosing a

Best Reasons to Buy a Home in Miami

Are you searching for a new home? Maybe you are just now thinking about considering Miami and what it can offer. It might surprise you, but the area has something for nearly everyone. Letís look at some of the top reasons to consider buying home in the Miami area. Properties for Different Budgets When many

Sunset Islands Homes Offer Beauty and Privacy

Sunset Islands Miami are very interesting in it’s natural structure. It is a group of four islands that really do embody their name quite well. The sunsets from the islands are stunning. Of course, life on these islands in general is quite stunning, and it is little wonder that so many people are interested when

Isle of Normandy Could Be a Great New Place to Call Home

The Isle of Normandy is a beautiful community in the Miami area, which is located just a short distance west of Miami Beach. One of the things that people love about this community is the fact that it truly is a great place to raise a family. Those who are thinking about starting a family,

La Gorce Island Offers Beautiful Homes as well as Privacy and Safety

La Gorce Island in Miami Beach has a wide range of different types of properties available, so many different types of buyers could find something on the island that is suitable for their needs. They have some amazing new construction properties, as well as older historic homes that have been remodeled. A number of the

Is Indian Creek Island the Right Place for You to Call Home?

Indian Creek Island is a wealthy community located in the Miami area. Itís one of the most popular communities in the area, located on an island that provides the homes with some of the most impressive and clear views of the water and downtown Miami. There is plenty to love about this area. Quiet and

Living at Aqua on Allison Island

Aqua Allison Island real estate is a small island thatís located between Miami Beach and La Gorce Island, and it has become a popular place to call home. One of the best places to call home on the island is Aqua on Allison Island. This condo community has a lot to love. The design is

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