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City Building Unit Bed
Sq.ft. Furnished MLS# Price  Details
Sunny Isles Beach Resort Condo PH4601 5 5,1 5735 Yes A2056298 $60,000 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach Jade Ocean PH4405 4 4,1 4303 Yes A1990251 $35,000 Photos
Miami Beach 2201 Collins Ave Condo PH2002 3 3,1 2647 Yes A2035864 $28,000 Photos
Miami Beach Murano At Portofino Condo PH3 3 2,1 2008 Yes A2089744 $23,000 Photos
Miami Beach South Pointe Towers Condo PH2404 3 3,1 3215 No A2086251 $19,500 Photos
Miami Beach Sunset Harbour North Cond TS03 3 2,1 3320 Yes A2044409 $17,000 Photos
Miami Carbonell Condo PH3807 3 3,1 3403 No A2060764 $15,000 Photos
Miami Carbonell Condo PH3708 4 4,1 2860 Yes A2056216 $15,000 Photos
Miami 900 Biscayne Bay PH6301 4 4,1 3427 Yes A2117062 $15,000 Photos
Miami Beach Capri South Beach Condo LP-1 3 3,0 2970 Yes A2050339 $14,500 Photos
Bal Harbour Kenilworth Condo PH-4 5 4,1 4735 Yes A2001682 $13,500 Photos
Key Biscayne Club Tower Three Condo PH-3 3 4,0 2740 Yes A1956973 $13,500 Photos
Aventura 7000 Isl Blvd Williams Is PH-01 4 4,0 4260 No A2114533 $12,500 Photos
Miami Beach Imperial House Condo PHB 4 4,0 3800 Yes A2085230 $12,000 Photos
Coral Gables The Gables Club Condo PH3F 3 3,1 3165 No A2111117 $11,000 Photos
Miami 900 Biscayne Bay Condo LPH05 3 3,1 2647 Yes A2117956 $11,000 Photos
Miami Marina Blue Condo PH-6 4 4,1 3099 Yes A2099436 $10,000 Photos
Miami Brickell Bay Club Condo TSF 4 4,1 3786 No A2076649 $9,500 Photos
Key Biscayne Lake Tower Condo PH10 3 3,0 2602 Yes A2115046 $9,500 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach Tdr Tower I Condo PH4304 3 3,1 2327 Yes A2067903 $9,500 Photos
Miami Marquis PH6104 3 2,1 2731 No A2072431 $9,500 Photos
Miami Four Midtown Miami Condo LPH2 3 2,1 2223 Yes A2053060 $9,000 Photos
Miami Vizcayne South PH4904 3 5,1 3281 Yes A2006251 $8,800 Photos
Miami Beach 80 PH6 2 2,1 1635 Yes A1777965 $8,500 Photos
Miami Beach Yacht Club At Portofino C PH3309 3 2,0 1490 Yes A2023685 $8,500 Photos
Miami Beach Yacht Club At Portofino C PH3204 2 2,0 1480 Yes A2103924 $8,500 Photos
Miami Marina Blue Condo PH6 4 4,1 3099 No A2099393 $8,000 Photos
Surfside 9500 Oceans Condo PH1507 3 3,1 1985 Yes M949101 $8,000 Photos
Miami Beach Central Carillon Beach Co CPH12 2 2,0 1103 Yes A2039969 $8,000 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach Sands Pointe TS-5 3 3,1 3650 Yes A2070630 $8,000 Photos
Miami Beach The Decoplage Condo PH-1 2 2,0 1130 Yes A2085870 $8,000 Photos
Miami Beach 1500 Ocean Drive Condo UPH-8 2 2,0 1170 Yes A2092851 $8,000 Photos
Miami Brickell House PH3801 3 3,1 2625 No A2111808 $7,900 Photos
Key Biscayne Lake Villa Three Condo PH3 3 3,0 2220 No A2086910 $7,800 Photos
Miami Brickell Key One Condo APH12 3 4,0 3038 Yes A2082423 $7,500 Photos
Miami The Axis On Brickell Ii C PH3919 3 3,0 1908 Yes A2068923 $7,500 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach St Tropez On The Bay Iii 3-TS2 3 2,0 1461 Yes A2019808 $7,500 Photos
Coral Gables Deering Bay Condo Ii PH 285 3 3,1 3190 No A1986555 $7,500 Photos
Miami Beach Central Carillon Beach Co PH-17 1 1,0 950 Yes A2018042 $7,250 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach St Tropez On The Bay Ii C 2-TS3 4 4,1 3020 No A2095540 $7,000 Photos
Miami Beach Roney Palace Condo PH5 2 2,0 1230 Yes A1956533 $6,900 Photos
Surfside Spiaggia Ocean Condo PH-05 4 4,1 2878 Yes A2050377 $6,900 Photos
Miami Marquis Condo PH6305 2 2,0 1675 Yes A2106186 $6,700 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach Trump Palace Condo PH5207 2 2,1 1600 Yes A2106516 $6,500 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach Trump Palace Condo PH108 2 2,0 1276 Yes A2090993 $6,300 Photos
Miami Beach The Carillon Condo PH-08 1 1,0 762 Yes A2018006 $6,250 Photos
Miami The Club At Brickell Bay PH4214 3 2,0 1245 No A1674342 $6,250 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach Trump Palace Condo PH5208 2 2,0 1276 Yes A2099574 $6,200 Photos
Miami Beach Roney Palace Condo PH8 2 2,0 1480 Yes A2067569 $6,000 Photos
Bal Harbour The Palace At Bal Harbour PH1C 2 3,1 2050 No A2102709 $5,900 Photos
Miami Central Carillon Beach Co LPH16 1 1,0 846 Yes A2089177 $5,900 Photos
Miami Brickell Place Phase Ii C CPH7 3 3,0 2048 No A2107695 $5,800 Photos
Miami The Metropolitan Condo PH9 3 3,0 2065 No A2111937 $5,500 Photos
Miami Beach Baylights Condo PH 3 2 2,0 1513 Yes A2079590 $5,500 Photos
Miami Beach Central Carillon Beach Co LPH06 2 2,0 1103 Yes A1928876 $5,500 Photos
Miami Grove Isle Condo BPH02 3 2,0 2398 No A2054102 $5,500 Photos
Miami Beach Terra Beachside Villa PH42 3 3,0 2050 Yes A2097705 $5,250 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach Sunny Isles Beach PH7FUR 4 5,1 3200 Yes A1681421 $5,250 Photos
Miami Beach The Decoplage Condo PH14 2 2,0 900 No A1924282 $5,000 Photos
Hallandale 2080 Ocean Drive Condo PH 4 2 2,0 1345 Yes A1790444 $5,000 Photos
Miami Beach Roney Palace Condo PH15 1 1,0 840 Yes A1806908 $5,000 Photos
Miami Beach Carillon Hotel & Spa CLPH9 1 1,0 0 Yes A2116300 $5,000 Photos
Miami Beach Central Carillon Beach Co PH15 1 1,0 662 Yes A2079388 $5,000 Photos
Miami Beach Carillon Hotel Spa LPH11 1 1,0 662 Yes A2110730 $5,000 Photos
Hollywood Sian Ocean Residences Con PH3 2 2,0 1237 Yes A2099251 $4,900 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach Oceanview Building Condo PH 20 2 1,0 1000 Yes A2099386 $4,900 Photos
Hallandale 2080 Ocean Drive Condo PH5 2 2,0 0 Yes A1947874 $4,750 Photos
Miami Beach St Tropez Ocean PH-B 2 2,0 1680 Yes A2078243 $4,700 Photos
Miami Beach Golf Course Sub Amd Pl PH1601 2 2,0 1260 No A1863544 $4,500 Photos
Aventura Turnberry Village So Towe TS11 3 3,0 1601 Yes A2042937 $4,400 Photos
Aventura Mystic Pointe Tower 500 C PH01 3 3,0 1694 Yes A2110566 $4,350 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach Oceanview Building Condo PH-22 2 1,1 1000 Yes A2099399 $4,300 Photos
Surfside Spiaggia Ocean Condo PH-04 2 3,0 1659 No A2113804 $4,200 Photos
Miami Central Carillon Beach Co LPH09 2 2,0 1080 Yes A2111684 $4,200 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach King David Of Sunny Isles TS1 3 2,0 1447 Yes A2108558 $4,200 Photos
Miami The Collins Condo PH15 2 2,0 1276 Yes A2084689 $4,000 Photos
Miami 500 Brickell Condo LP4102 2 2,0 1380 Yes A2092733 $3,950 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach Trump Palace Condo PH5206 1 1,1 1149 Yes A2073474 $3,900 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach King David Of Sunny Isles PH2 3 2,0 1449 Yes A2109135 $3,825 Photos
Miami Beach Eden House PH4 2 2,0 952 No A2117901 $3,800 Photos
Miami Beach Club Atlantis Condo PH109 2 2,0 1034 No A2097888 $3,700 Photos
Key Biscayne G B Resort Condo Hotel PH17 1 2,0 1424 Yes A2092572 $3,600 Photos
Miami Beach Mirador 1000 Condo PH-11 2 2,0 1197 Yes A2102077 $3,600 Photos
Aventura Venture At Aventura West PH3 2 2,0 1157 Yes A1706670 $3,600 Photos
Aventura Mystic Pointe Tower 400 C PH5 2 2,0 1447 Yes M1174393 $3,500 Photos
Coral Gables Coconut Grove Sec 1-coral UPPER 3 2,0 1583 No A2105187 $3,500 Photos
Miami Beach Bel-aire On The Ocean Con PH1807 1 1,1 818 Yes A2110116 $3,500 Photos
Hollywood Sian Ocean Residences Con PH4 1 1,1 970 Yes A2051454 $3,500 Photos
Miami Nordica Condo PH-02 2 2,0 1017 Yes A2077428 $3,300 Photos
Aventura Turnberry Village So Towe TS09 2 2,0 1257 Yes A1960590 $3,300 Photos
Sunny Isles Beach Trump Royale Condo PH5308 1 1,1 920 No F1335058 $3,290 Photos
Miami Beach Roney Palace Condo PH14 1 1,0 840 Yes A2101834 $3,275 Photos
Miami Beach Nautica Condo PH3 2 2,0 1270 No A2111188 $3,250 Photos
Hollywood Tides On Hollywood Beach PH16V 2 2,0 1176 Yes A1684114 $3,250 Photos
Miami The Charter Club PH-23 2 2,1 1674 No A2103202 $3,200 Photos
Miami Axis On Brickell PH3901 2 2,0 1174 No A2116676 $3,100 Photos
Miami Neo Condo PHII07 3 2,0 1376 No A2115615 $3,080 Photos
Hollywood Tides On Hollywood Beach PH16W 2 2,0 1173 Yes A2099485 $3,000 Photos
Aventura Venture At Aventura East PH26 2 2,0 1252 No A2117785 $2,990 Photos
Surfside Carlisle On The Ocean Con PH8 0 1,0 624 Yes A2107754 $2,975 Photos
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Things seem to be going quite well for the Fendi Chateau Residences in Surfside, Miami Beach. In fact, they recently announced that they had surpassed the 50% mark for units sold, which is quite amazing. The 12-story building, which will be right on the waterfront, is at 9365 Collins Avenue, and is still under construction.

Bollywood Actress and Producer Buys Second Unit at Miami Beach EDITION

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