Palm Island Homes

Palm Island Homes

Palm Island is part of a triumvirate of luxury islands off of Miami Beach including Star and Hibiscus Island. Palm Island, similar to its’ illustrious neighbours, also features a mix of stunningly extravagant and luxurious waterfront mansions that reach up in the tens of millions in value and come with any amenity in the current imagination and beyond.

Palm Island offers a diversity of homes in classic Spanish Architecture to Traditional Colonial homes in a number of price brackets depending on whether the homes are waterfront or dry lot. It has a community park with basketball, tennis, and handball courts, and children's park and it is not uncommon to see families out until dusk. Palm Island lies just moments from Miami Beach and also has it own gated entry.

Living In A Palm Island House Florida is widely-known for its natural beauty. While the Miami and Miami Beach area are known principally as destinations remarkable for their vibrant and diverse urban cultures, the islands that surround the city are as known for their natural scenery as they are for being near the heart of one of the country's fastest-growing cities. Among these islands is Palm Island and finding a home for sale here is one of the dreams of a great many people who want something more in touch with the Earth out of their experience living in Florida.

Palm Island Real Estate is well-known as a breeding habitat for sea turtles. While there are 200 residents on this island, the reclusive creatures have staked it out as a place to carry on their lifecycle. This is, no doubt, largely due to the way in which the residents of the island work to ensure that the turtles are as undisturbed as possible when they arrive onshore for their mating season. Residents and visitors take walks on the beach to observe the turtles but make serious efforts to ensure that their presence doesn't interfere with the turtles in any regard.

When the young turtles called hatchlings emerge from their eggs and head for the ocean, the residents of Palm Island turn off all unnecessary lighting, including their houselights if they're close to the beach, so that the young turtles can make it to the sea undisturbed. Many of the people seeking homes for sale on Palm Island are seeking exactly this sort of experience out of their residence: Once which allows them a very close connection with the natural world in a place that is peaceful and respectful of the environment. Transportation between the island and the mainland is by boat, making it even more private.

Our Palm Island Luxury Homes Team will help you buy the best house for your money. Browse through all currently available Palm Island homes below. We always provide all available photos, virtual views and a great level of details. If you're interested in seeing any homes below, please contact us today and we'll schedule a showing. Our proven track record and the knowledge of the local market will produce results you are looking for. If you're on the market for a luxury house, let us help. We specialize in high-end waterfront homes and estates in Fisher Island, Hibiscus Island Homes, Palm Island Homes, Star Island, Venetian Islands as well as other waterfront homes and condos.

9 Bedroom Homes for sale

Interior Space
MLS Number
130 Palm Ave
9 / 11 / 4
15,132sf / 1406m²
$3,271 / $35,212m²
30 Palm Ave
9 / 8 / 1
N/A / N/A
N/A / N/A

8 Bedroom Homes for sale

Interior Space
MLS Number
40 Palm Ave
8 / 9 / 4
14,930sf / 1387m²
$3,248 / $34,968m²

5 Bedroom Homes for sale

Interior Space
MLS Number
222 S Coconut Ln
5 / 4 / 1
4,507sf / 419m²
$3,084 / $33,198m²
1735 Lenox Ave
5 / 5 / 0
2,680sf / 249m²
$1,362 / $14,656m²
1710 Jefferson Ave
5 / 4 / 0
3,129sf / 291m²
$1,135 / $12,213m²

4 Bedroom Homes for sale

Interior Space
MLS Number
1728 Lenox Ave
4 / 4 /
3,750sf / 348m²
$1,600 / $17,223m²
1800 Jefferson Ave
4 / 4 / 0
3,281sf / 305m²
$1,280 / $13,776m²
265 Palm Ave
4 / 3 / 0
1,534sf / 143m²
$2,282 / $24,560m²

Vacant Land

MLS Number
93 Palm Ave
N/A / $6,997m²

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Palm Island Homes Stats


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